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“Unikids” summer program is supported with different interactive and interesting games, where the children, besides studying German get interacted with German culture, punctuality, organized behavior, team work and discipline. They will get to know German famous writers, scientists and musicians such as Fridrich Schiller, Johan Wolfgang Goethe, Hayrnich Hainan, Ludwig Van Beethoven, Sebastian Bach and others. Not only will they listen to their unique and wonderful music but will also learn their beautiful poems. The children will get to know the country’s famous sport representatives and will realize about the importance of healthy and sporty lifestyle.

The program is for 8-11 and 11-12 age group and consists of 3 phases which strongly differ from one another. Every phase has 12 classes; 3 days a week, 3 hours per class. You can choose 1 phase or get 3 phases at once. A discount of 10% is available if chosen the 3 phases at once. The price for every phase is 30.000 AMD.


Therefore, we support the interest of children towards the foreign language; we shape a high-end taste and a positive opinion which will help them to have the base for the further exploration of the language.
During 3 months of their study the kids will: Learn how to behave during team work get self-confidence and know how to tell out their personal opinion. acquire an appropriate amount of vocabulary understand and answer the questions asked and be able to make sentences.